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Catching Wishes - Karte Josephine Wall 18,4 x 13,7 cm mit Couvert

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Wenn Elfen fallende Blätter fallen... - Zauberhafte Geburtstags-Klappkarte mit Text im Innern der Karte.

Das Sujet wird auch im Innern der Karte ähnlich wiedergegeben und mit folgendem englischen Text kombiniert:

Catching Wishes:
It is said that if you catch a leaf before it reaches the ground, you are entitled to a wish! So when fairies catch leaves, something special is bound to happen. This fairy is filling each captured leaf with dreams and wishes for us to find. What would you wish for? Perhaps the comfort of a puppy would be your simple desire. Maybe your secret dream would be to find the love of your life and start of a family. Possibly you long to travel to distant places or take pleasure in a chance encounter with a unicorn. All things are possible if you believe!

Grossgeschriebener Text: May you catch as many wishes as your heart can hold. Happy Birthday!

Karte mit bunt bedrucktem Couvert.

The Art of Josephine Wall